Pocket Monsters: Diamond and Pearl

Pocket Monsters: Diamond and Pearl
80.0% (3)
Originální název: Pocket Monsters: Diamond and Pearl
Název ve znacích: ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド&パール
Název anglicky: Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl
Rok vydání: 2006 - 2010
Vysíláno: 28.09.2006 - 09.09.2010
Typ zpracování: TV Série
Počet epizod: 191
Země původu: Japonsko
Studio: OLM
Dostupné v ČR: Animax, VAPET
Rating: PG
Oblíbenost dle pohlaví:
muži / ženy
Čas trvání anime: 3 dny 7 hodin 35 minut
Čas na epizodu: 0 hodin 25 minut
Počet zobrazení: 1398 x
Alternativní současnost
Fantasy svět

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Pořadí Název epizody Doba
1.Following A Maiden`s Voyage!25 min
2.Two Degrees Of Separation!25 min
3.When Pokemon Worlds Collide!25 min
4.Dawn Of A New Era!25 min
5.Gettin` Twiggy With It!25 min
6.Different Strokes For Different Blokes!25 min
7.Like It Or Lup It!25 min
8.Gymbaliar!25 min
9.Setting The World On Its Buneary!25 min
10.Not On MY Watch Ya Don`t!25 min
11.Mounting A Coordinator Assault!25 min
12.Arrival Of A Rival!25 min
13.A Staravia Is Born!25 min
14.Leave It To Brocko!25 min
15.Shapes Of Things To Come!25 min
16.A Gruff Act To Follow!25 min
17.Wild In The Streets!25 min
18.O`er The Rampardos We Watched!25 min
19.Twice Smitten, Once Shy!25 min
20.Mutiny In The Bounty!25 min
21.Ya See We Want An Evolution!25 min
22.Borrowing On Bad Faith!25 min
23.Faced With Steelix Determination!25 min
24.Cooking Up A Sweet Story!25 min
25.Oh Do You Know The Poffin Plan!25 min
26.Getting The Pre-Contest Titters!25 min
27.Settling A Not - So - Old Score!25 min
28.Drifloon On The Wind!25 min
29.The Champ Twins!25 min
30.Some Enchanted Sweetening!25 min
31.The Grass-Type Is Always Greener!25 min
32.An Angry Combeenation!25 min
33.All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go!25 min
34.Buizel Your Way Out Of This!25 min
35.An Elite Meet And Greet!25 min
36.A Secret Sphere Of Influence!25 min
37.The Grass Menagerie!25 min
38.One Big Happiny Family!25 min
39.Steamboat Willies!25 min
40.Top - Down Training!25 min
41.A Stand-Up Sit-Down!25 min
42.The Electrike Company!25 min
43.Malice In Wonderland!25 min
44.Mass Hip - Po - Sis!25 min
45.Ill - Will Hunting!25 min
46.A Maze - Ing Race!25 min
47.Sandshrew`s Locker!25 min
48.Ash and Dawn! Head for a New Adventure!!25 min
49.Dawn`s Early Night!25 min
50.Tag! We`re it...!25 min
51.Glory Blaze!25 min
52.Smells Like Team Spirit!25 min
53.Tears For Fears!25 min
54.Once There Were Greenfields25 min
55.Throwing The Track Switch25 min
56.The Keystone Pops!25 min
57.Bibarel Gnaws Best!25 min
58.Nosing `Round The Mountain!25 min
59.Luxray Vision!25 min
60.Journey To The Unown!25 min
61.Team Shocker!25 min
62.Tanks For The Memories!25 min
63.Hot Springing a Leak!25 min
64.Riding the Winds of Change!25 min
65.Sleight of Sand!25 min
66.Lost Leader Strategy!25 min
67.Crossing the Battle Line!25 min
68.A Triple Fighting Chance!25 min
69.Enter Galactic!25 min
70.The Bells Are Singing!25 min
71.Pokemon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! Part 125 min
72.Pokemon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! Part 225 min
73.Crossing Paths25 min
74.Pika and Goliath!25 min
75.Our Cup Runneth Over!25 min
76.A Full Course Tag Battle!25 min
77.Staging a Heroes` Welcome!25 min
78.Pruning a Passel of Pals!25 min
79.Strategy With a Smile!25 min
80.The Thief That Keeps on Thieving!25 min
81.Chim - Charred!25 min
82.Cream of the Croagunk Crop!25 min
83.A Crasher Course in Power!25 min
84.Hungry for the Good Life!25 min
85.Fighting Fear with Fear!25 min
86.Arriving in Style!25 min
87.The Psyduck Stops Here!25 min
88.Camping It Up!25 min
89.Up Close and Personable!25 min
90.Ghoul Daze!25 min
91.One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team!25 min
92.A Lean Mean Team Rocket Machine!25 min
93.Playing The Leveling Field!25 min
94.Doc Brock!25 min
95.Battling The Generation Gap!25 min
96.Losing Its Lustrous!25 min
97.Double Team Turnover!25 min
98.If the Scarf Fits, Wear It!25 min
99.A Trainer and Child Reunion!25 min
100.Aiding the Enemy!25 min
101.Barry`s Busting Out All Over!25 min
102.Shield with a Twist!25 min
103.Jumping Rocket Ship!25 min
104.Sleepless In Pre-Battle!25 min
105.Get Your Rotom Running!25 min
106.A Breed Stampede!25 min
107.Ancient Family Matters!25 min
108.Dealing With Defensive Types!25 min
109.Leading A Stray!25 min
110.Steeling Peace of Mind!25 min
111.Saving the World from Ruins!25 min
112.Cheers on Castaways Isle!25 min
113.Hold the Phione!25 min
114.Another One Gabites The Dust!25 min
115.Stealing the Conversation!25 min
116.The Drifting Snorunt!25 min
117.Noodles! Roamin` Off!25 min
118.Pursuing a Lofty Goal!25 min
119.Trials and Adulations!25 min
120.Mysterious Animals Pocket Monsters!25 min
121.The Lonely Snover!25 min
122.Stopped in the Name of Love!25 min
123.Old Rivals, New Tricks!25 min
124.To Thine Own Pokemon Be True!25 min
125.Battling a Cute Drama!25 min
126.Classroom Training!25 min
127.Sliding Into Seventh!25 min
128.A Pyramiding Rage!25 min
129.Pillars of Friendship!25 min
130.Frozen on Their Tracks!25 min
131.Pedal to the Mettle!25 min
132.Evolving Strategies!25 min
133.Uncrushing Defeat!25 min
134.Promoting Healthy Tangrowth!25 min
135.Beating The Bustle And Hustle!25 min
136.Gateway to Ruin!25 min
137.Three Sides to Every Story!25 min
138.Strategy Begins at Home!25 min
139.A Faux Oak Finish!25 min
140.Historical Mystery Tour!25 min
141.Challenging A Towering Figure!25 min
142.Where No Togepi Has Gone Before!25 min
143.An Egg Scramble!25 min
144.Gone With the Windworks!25 min
145.A Rivalry to Gible On!25 min
146.Dressed for Jess Success!25 min
147.Bagged then Tagged!25 min
148.Try for the Family Stone!25 min
149.Sticking With Who You Know!25 min
150.Unlocking the Red Chain of Events!25 min
151.The Needs Of The Three!25 min
152.The Battle Finale of Legend!25 min
153.The Treasure Is All Mine!25 min
154.Mastering Current Events!25 min
155.Double-Time Battle Training!25 min
156.A Meteoric Rise to Excellence!25 min
157.Gotta Get a Gible!25 min
158.Regaining the Home Advantage!25 min
159.Short and To The Punch!25 min
160.A Marathon Rivalry!25 min
161.Yes In Dee Dee, It`s Dawn!25 min
162.Playing the Performance Encore!25 min
163.Fighting Ire With Fire!25 min
164.Piplup, Up and Away!25 min
165.Flint Sparks the Fire!25 min
166.The Fleeing Tower of Sunyshore!25 min
167.Teaching The Student Teacher!25 min
168.Keeping in Top Forme!25 min
169.Pokemon Ranger: Heatran Rescue!25 min
170.An Elite Coverup!25 min
171.Dawn of A Royal Day!25 min
172.With the Easiest of Grace!25 min
173.Dealing with a Fierce Double Ditto Drama!25 min
174.Last Call-First Round!25 min
175.Opposites Interact!25 min
176.Coming Full - Festival Circle!25 min
177.A Grand Fight for Winning!25 min
178.For The Love of Meowth!25 min
179.The Eighth Wonder of the Sinnoh World!25 min
180.Four Roads Diverged in a Pokemon Port!25 min
181.Bucking the Treasure Trend!25 min
182.An Old Family Blend!25 min
183.League Unleashed!25 min
184.Casting a Paul on Barry!25 min
185.Working on a Right Move!25 min
186.Familiarity Breeds Strategy!25 min
187.A Real Rival Rouser!25 min
188.Battling a Thaw in Relations!25 min
189.The Semi-Final Frontier!25 min
190.The Brockster Is In!25 min
191.Memories Are Made of Bliss!25 min
Special 1.Clip Show25 min
Special 2.Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & Darkness25 min
Special 3.Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky - Beyond Time & Darkness25 min
Special 4.Hikari - Setting off on a New Journey!25 min
Special 5.Nibi Gym - The Greatest Crisis Ever!25 min

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