Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl

Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl
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Originální název: Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl
Název ve znacích: YAWARA!
Rok vydání: 1989 - 1992
Vysíláno: 16.10.1989 - 21.09.1992
Typ zpracování: TV Série
Počet epizod: 124
Země původu: Japonsko
Studio: Madhouse Studios, Kitty Films, Animeigo
Rating: PG-13
Oblíbenost dle pohlaví:
muži / ženy
Čas trvání anime: 2 dny 3 hodiny 55 minut
Čas na epizodu: 0 hodin 25 minut
Počet zobrazení: 365 x
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Pořadí Název epizody Doba
1.Aim For Barcelona! The Young Girl Will Be The Winner Of The National Achievement Award!!25 min
2.I`ve Found Yawara`s Rival! She`s The Ultimate Young Lady!!25 min
3.Enter Kazamatsuri. What A Shame That She Is Infatuated With Love25 min
4.This Is My Strategy To Make Yawara Take Part In A Real Match!25 min
5.Finally the Real Fight! Judo is Not Built in a Day, Jya!25 min
6.Finally Pictured! The Big Scoop Of The Century That Will Bring On A Storm, Jya!!25 min
7.Hohohoh! The Yawara Boom That Shakes Japan, Jya!25 min
8.Enough Of Judo! I`m Going To Be In A Match25 min
9.Yawara`s Debut Match! An Ippon Victory Before You Even Know It Happened, Jya!25 min
10.An Ippon-Zeoi With My Mom! The 90`s Is Yawara`s Era, jya!25 min
11.A Big Uproar At High School With The Yawara Fame!25 min
12.Coach Yawara`s Extracurricular Lesson!25 min
13.Yawara`s Heart Shook in Hayama!25 min
14.Yawara`s date has so much surveillance!25 min
15.A Challenge to Yawara Over Love!25 min
16.Yawara`s National Martial Arts Hall Debut!25 min
17.Yawara`s Love Message25 min
18.The Decisive Battle! Yawara vs. Sayaka25 min
19.Jigoro, His Love, and Youth`s Raging Storms25 min
20.The Big Guest for Yawara25 min
21.Yawara and the Blue-eyed House Guest25 min
22.Let`s Fight, Yawara!25 min
23.See You Again, Yawara30 min
24.Yawara`s Personal Tutor is a Love Expert30 min
25.Love, Exam Studies, and Yawara`s Feelings30 min
26.A Shocking Invitation For Yawara!25 min
27.Yawara and the Love Square25 min
28.The Madonna of my Youth, Yawara25 min
29.The Other One-Sided Love25 min
30.The Lonely Ippon Zeoi25 min
31.The Present on Entrance Exam Day25 min
32.A Stormy Time at the Exam Results25 min
33.Aim for the All-Japan Tournament25 min
34.The Stage Contest of the Rivals25 min
35.The Miss` Tenacity25 min
36.Ah, Hanazono! The Tearful Graduation25 min
37.Jigoro`s Love, a Tumultuous Pure Love Story25 min
38.The Heartful Excitement of Women`s College Life25 min
39.Blue Night Yokohama25 min
40.Fujiko-san`s Secret!25 min
41.The Part-time Job For a Day25 min
42.Ippon Zeoi at the Disco!25 min
43.Free Weight Class is the only way for Yawara!25 min
44.Selected Athletes Announced Tonight!25 min
45.After the World cup ends...25 min
46.Raising the Curtain! World Cup25 min
47.Uncertain! Japan`s Female Judo!!25 min
48.The Open-weight Campions25 min
49.Yawara vs Queen Belkens25 min
50.In order to fight Yawara...25 min
51.The letter from Kojirou25 min
52.Death Hold! Tereshkova`s Battle25 min
53.Matsuda`s Interview Monopoly25 min
54.Highlights 1: Everything started from that moment25 min
55.Highlights 2: Came, Watched, Won ! The World`s Number 1 Judo Girl!!25 min
56.I... Am Quiting Judo!25 min
57.Fujiko-san`s decision25 min
58.The letter from Canada25 min
59.The Last Ippon Seoinage!?25 min
60.Japan`s Weakest Judo Club25 min
61.The Extreme Training Program!25 min
62.Dangerous Debut Battle25 min
63.Secret Technique! The Swan Lake25 min
64.Maybe I should try doing it25 min
65.Fujiko, Love, and Judo25 min
66.Everyone wants to defeat Yawara!25 min
67.The large wall that is in the way25 min
68.The Swan vs The Heavy Tank25 min
69.Do your best! rah rah25 min
70.Dissappear nuisance!25 min
71.The Lightning-Fast Ippon Zeoi25 min
72.Will it happen?! Five straight miraculous wins25 min
73.Inokuma Kojiro on the move!25 min
74.All`s not quiet on Yawara`s job-hunting front!25 min
75.The selected judo-championship of love25 min
76.I`m So Mad!25 min
77.New Deadly Technique! The Nutcracker!!25 min
78.A Smiling Ippon!25 min
79.You Can Do It, Fujiko! First Place Is Right in Front of You!!25 min
80.You`re Going to the World Championships!25 min
81.Fujiko`s First Training Camp!25 min
82.The Opening Act of the Yugoslavia World Championships!25 min
83.Jam-Packed with International Contenders!25 min
84.First Time Under Pressure25 min
85.Swan Lake on the World Stage25 min
86.The Top and Bottom of Their Games25 min
87.Burn Rubber, Papara Man25 min
88.Giant Clash! Swan Lake vs the Ura Nage!!25 min
89.Myth of Invincibility!25 min
90.Jigoro`s Love, a Tearful Story of Friendship25 min
91.Next Up, The Graduation Match!25 min
92.Revealed! The Ultimate Conspiracy25 min
93.Kyonkyon Risks Her Life!25 min
94.Thank God I`m Fat!25 min
95.Get That Ippon and Win!25 min
96.The Return of the Heiress25 min
97.Once We Graduate...25 min
98.First Kiss!25 min
99.A New Employee`s First Assignment25 min
100.Hokkaido and the Martial Arts Hall25 min
101.You`re Not Losing by Default!25 min
102.Run! To the All-Japan Championships!!25 min
103.Sayaka Surges Ahead!25 min
104.The Fateful Showdown!25 min
105.The Heiress` Secret Weapon25 min
106.The Dream Fight Between Friends!25 min
107....Maybe I`ll Stay the Night25 min
108.The Resolve of Men!25 min
109.Garden, I Love the Flames!25 min
110.My Champion25 min
111.Fujiko`s Shocking Retirement Announcement!25 min
112.Dad`s Appearance25 min
113.The End of the Invincible Myth25 min
114.The Best Daughter in the World25 min
115.Fujiko Mama Challenge!25 min
116.Stupid Body!25 min
117.The Best Present25 min
118.Sayaka`s Secret Special Training25 min
119.Bombshell!25 min
120.Resurrection of the Ippon-Zeoi!25 min
121.I`m going to Barcelona25 min
122.The First Prize25 min
123.Deathmatch25 min
124.That For so Long25 min

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