Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya
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Originální název: Saint Seiya
Název ve znacích: 聖闘士星矢(セイントセイヤ)
Název anglicky: Knights of the Zodiac
Rok vydání: 1986 - 1989
Vysíláno: 11.10.1986 - 01.04.1989
Typ zpracování: TV Série
Počet epizod: 114
Země původu: Japonsko
Studio: Toei Animation
Rating: PG-13
Oblíbenost dle pohlaví:
muži / ženy
Čas trvání anime: 1 den 23 hodin 30 minut
Čas na epizodu: 0 hodin 25 minut
Počet zobrazení: 1763 x
Alternativní současnost
Podle mangy

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Pořadí Název epizody Doba
1.Revive! Legendary Hero!25 min
2.Burn! Pegasus Shooting Star Fist25 min
3.Cygnus! Warrior of the Ice Land!25 min
4.Dragon! Invincible Fist and Shield!25 min
5.Revived by a Miracle! The Cosmos of Friendship!25 min
6.Phoenix! The Warrior Who has been Through Hell!25 min
7.Stolen! Golden Cloth25 min
8.Destroy! The Dark Phoenix Army!25 min
9.Strong Enemy! The four Dark Saint Kings appear25 min
10.Beware Shiryu! The Grave of the Saint Cloths25 min
11.Duel! The Terrifying Black Fist of Death25 min
12.Grab On! The Nebula Chain of Friendship25 min
13.Burn! Flaming Attack!25 min
14.Defeated! Genma Ken!25 min
15.Revealed! Ikki`s Secret!25 min
16.Gigantic! Docrates Fierce Attack25 min
17.Rescue! Saori`s Crisis25 min
18.Great Rage! The Ghost Saints of Carribean25 min
19.Life or Death! Bloody Battle at the Makaito25 min
20.Serious Battle! Shaina`s Counter Attack25 min
21.Heartless! Clash of Aurora25 min
22.Rebirth from the Flames! Indestructible Ikki25 min
23.Silver Saint! The Proud Assassin25 min
24.Fly Pegasus! Like a Comet25 min
25.Fight! The rise of Athena!25 min
26.Are they friends or enemies!25 min
27.Seiya becomes stone!25 min
28.Shiryu Fights Back!25 min
29.Kidnap! Crows Legion Seize Saori25 min
30.Burn! Cosmo of Love25 min
31.Magic prodigy! The boundary of life and death25 min
32.Great Bomb in Death Queen Island!25 min
33.The fight between dragon and tiger! The tears without light of dragon25 min
34.Farewell, my friend! Peace to your ashes!25 min
35.The Travel of Death! Dragon sees the Light Again25 min
36.Amazing! Against Twelve Gold Clothes25 min
37.The Mask Screams! Either Love or Death?25 min
38.Fight Violently! Gold Stole25 min
39.Velocity of Light! The Powerful Beyond Mach25 min
40.Go! Our New Trip25 min
41.The battle starts in Sanctuary! Athena`s biggest crisis25 min
42.The Ultimate Cosmo! Seven Senses25 min
43.Big Bang! The Battle of the Gold Bull Temple25 min
44.Gemini Temple! Labyrinth of Light and Darkness25 min
45.Fear! Adrift in Another Dimension25 min
46.Call Out! Nebula Chain of Attack and Defense in One25 min
47.Farewell, Hyoga! Sleep, oh Noble Warrior25 min
48.Dragon! Rebirth from the Land of Death25 min
49.Love! Shunrei`s Prayer25 min
50.Rise, Dragon! Shiryu`s Raging Cosmo25 min
51.Why! The Golden Lion Bared His Fangs25 min
52.Ares! Legend of the Demon Fist25 min
53.What a Man! Cassios Dies For Love25 min
54.Ikki! The Phoenix`s Blazing Wings25 min
55.Ties of Friendship! Athena`s Call25 min
56.Shaka! The Man Closest to a God25 min
57.Fear of the Void! Shaka Opened His Eyes25 min
58.Hero! Ikki Dissolved Because of Friendship25 min
59.Revive, Swan! Life, Death and Love25 min
60.Hyoga revived! At risk of life!25 min
61.Surrender or die! These Wings Are at Their Limit25 min
62.Make way, Hyoga! Proud Warrior25 min
63.Resound! Sanctuary`s Gold Armors25 min
64.Young Men! I entrust Athena to you25 min
65.Roar, Holy Sword! Shura vs. Shiryu25 min
66.Shiryu! Become a shooting star25 min
67.Farewell! My teacher, my friends25 min
68.Fighter of Beauty! Aphrodite25 min
69.Demon Roses! Sweet Smell of Death25 min
70.Rest in peace! Shun, the last smile25 min
71.The Fire Bell is off! The real face of Holy Father25 min
72.Go, Seiya! Forget all the sorrow25 min
73.Good Friends! Come To Be With Athena25 min
74.Enemies of the northern frontier! The legendary god warriors25 min
75.Hilda! Goddess imprisoned by evil25 min
76.Giant Thor! Cosmo of hatred25 min
77.Tears of the giant! Die for Hilda25 min
78.Bare the teeth! Northern wolf Fenrir25 min
79.Sorrow! Fate of the northern wolves pack25 min
80.Vanished on the ice field! Howling grief25 min
81.Freya! Death battle due to love25 min
82.Dancing swan! Burning hell inside the ice25 min
83.The bewitching harp! A musical prelude of death tempts Shun25 min
84.Decree of death! String requiem25 min
85.Hero of grief! Frozen hatred25 min
86.Phoenix! Crimson wings ablaze25 min
87.Demon`s amethyst! Saint`s cemetery25 min
88.Sword of flame! Dreadful ambition25 min
89.Victims of evil! Forest of spirits25 min
90.Don`t look back, Seiya! Cosmo of the rising dragon25 min
91.Burn, Shun! Hidden mystery of the black fangs25 min
92.Swirl! Ultimate Shun`s nebula storm25 min
93.Bud! The fateful twin stars25 min
94.Bonding brotherhood! Syd, rest in your native land25 min
95.Hero with the noble spirit! Rebirth of the legendary knight25 min
96.Dragon vs. Dragon! Chance of victory is one in a hundred thousand25 min
97.Siren! Beautiful melody of death25 min
98.Appearance of a miracle! The Odin robe25 min
99.Athena! Eternal prayers of noble spirits25 min
100.The Ocean Emperor Poseidon! Holy war once again25 min
101.Smash! Mammoth pillars of the seven oceans25 min
102.Mysterious shine! Golden bronze clothes25 min
103.Dangerous Shun! Dreadful fangs of the demon beast25 min
104.Death of the demon beast! Indestructible golden chains25 min
105.Excalibur! Shura`s soul resides in the right wrist25 min
106.The dream left nothing behind! The reunion has the scent of death25 min
107.Hunter of hearts! Heartless Lymnades25 min
108.Issac! A cold hearted man25 min
109.Hang in there Kiki! A sorrowful death battle25 min
110.Listen! The beautiful singing of Athena25 min
111.Friends! Together at the time of death25 min
112.Two souls! Mystery of Poseidon`s resurrection25 min
113.Shoot Poseidon! The golden arrow25 min
114.Shine, stars of friendship! Legend of youth25 min

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