Futari wa Precure: Splash Star

Futari wa Precure: Splash Star
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Originální název: Futari wa Precure: Splash Star
Název ve znacích: ふたりはプリキュア Splash Star
Název anglicky: Pretty Cure: Splash Star
Rok vydání: 2006 - 2007
Vysíláno: 05.02.2006 - 28.01.2007
Typ zpracování: TV Série
Počet epizod: 49
Země původu: Japonsko
Studio: Toei Animation
Rating: G
Oblíbenost dle pohlaví:
muži / ženy
Čas trvání anime: 20 hodin 25 minut
Čas na epizodu: 0 hodin 25 minut
Počet zobrazení: 447 x
Mahou Shoujo

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Pořadí Název epizody Doba
1.A surprising Reunion! We are... Who, exactly!?25 min
2.The Panpaka Welcome Wagon is a Storm of Premonition!25 min
3.Frontal Victory! You`re the Ace for sure!!25 min
4.Lies! The Scenery of Spring and the Sound of Locusts25 min
5.What would Kenta do? Saki and her Lovely Brother25 min
6.He`s the Best After All! Cool Fathers!!25 min
7.Ultra-Serious! The Wrath of Kareharn!25 min
8.I Love You! Minori and her Two Big Sisters25 min
9.It`s a Hopeless Mistake to Interfere With the Recital!25 min
10.Occasional Danger? On Top of the Sea is a Great Marsh!25 min
11.Flappy`s Tottering into Big Danger!25 min
12.Is Choppy25 min
13.I Like Hot! Moerunba Dance!25 min
14.The Riddle of the Exchange Student! Michiru and Kaoru`s Conversation25 min
15.Softball is the Bond between Mother and Daughter25 min
16.Dreams, Hope, and Kenta`s Trouble25 min
17.The Broken Haniwa! What can Mai and Mom Do About It25 min
18.Today`s Special Sale! Michiru and Kaoru Help!?25 min
19.What is the Most Important Thing? Saki and Mai`s Desire25 min
20.Singing in the Rain is Dorodoron!25 min
21.Shine in the Night Sky! A Starlit Circle of Friends25 min
22.The Big Surprise! Michiru and Kaoru`s Shocking Confession!!25 min
23.Couples` Showdown! The Menace of the Great Evil Kahn25 min
24.Moop and Foop Appear! Who?25 min
25.A Rush of Business! The Maid in the House by the Sea25 min
26.Saki Holds a Secret! Summer Training Camp of Heart-Pounding Love!25 min
27.I Love Everyone! Memories of the Summer Festival25 min
28.It`s a Journey! It`s a Railroad! Our Big Adventure!25 min
29.Flappy and Choppy`s desperate situation!25 min
30.Miraculous Power! Pretty Cure Super Transformation!25 min
31.A Serious Conclusion? Who is Kenta`s Partner?!25 min
32.Too difficult! Ms. Shitatare`s Homework25 min
33.Muscle full throttle Kintresky appears!25 min
34.Moon-viewing meeting is the smell of romance25 min
35.Now`s the Final Round! Fight, Nagichuu Softball Club!25 min
36.What will Mai do? Mai`s distress and culture festival25 min
37.Everyone is comrades! Jump to tomorrow!25 min
38.Idol has born, Hyuuga Saki! Really!?25 min
39.The great rebellion of the rare animals, Miminga!?25 min
40.You`re noisy! Kintresky and birthday25 min
41.Princess is in danger! The stolen carafe!!25 min
42.Welcome back! Michiru and Kaoru!!25 min
43.It`s not a dream! One day that has everyone25 min
44.These two will disappear? Painful Michiru and Kaoru25 min
45.Cake, Kazuya and Christmas!25 min
46.Counterattack! Akudaikaan`s menace power!25 min
47.Big reversal! The black curtain is who?25 min
48.The last decisive battle! The stolen Land of Greenery!25 min
49.Reach to the top! We`re forever friends of the starry sky!25 min

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Anime Zpracování Rok Vztah
Futari wa Precure
(Pretty Cure)
TV Série2004 - 2005Stejný námět
Futari wa Precure Splash Star Tick Tack Kiki Ippatsu!
(Pretty Cure Splash Star Tic-Tac Crisis Hanging by a Thin Thread!)
Film2006Vedleší příběh

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