80.0% (2)
Originální název: Gintama`
Název ve znacích: 銀魂´
Rok vydání: 2011 - 2012
Vysíláno: 04.04.2011 - 26.03.2012
Typ zpracování: TV Série
Počet epizod: 51
Země původu: Japonsko
Studio: Sunrise
Rating: PG-13
Oblíbenost dle pohlaví:
muži / ženy
Čas trvání anime: 21 hodin 15 minut
Čas na epizodu: 0 hodin 25 minut
Počet zobrazení: 664 x
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Pořadí Název epizody Doba
1.Everyone Looks a Little Grown Up After Spring Break25 min
2.Everyone Looks Pretty Grown Up After Summer Break25 min
3.Use a Calligraphy Pen for New Year Cards / The Heart Comes Before Chocolate25 min
4.Meals Should Be Balanced / We Are All Warriors in the Battle Against Fate25 min
5.It`s Too Confusing When Talking About the Poster Girl for a Poster Store, So Call Her a Sandwich Board25 min
6.Glasses Are Part of the Soul25 min
7.Glasses Prevent You From Seeing Certain Things25 min
8.Nothing Lasts Forever, Including Parents, Money, Youth, Your Room, Dress Shirts, Me, You, and the Gintama Anime25 min
9.A Lawless Town Tends to Attract a Bunch of Whoohooey Folk25 min
10.Ghosts Aren`t the Only Ones Who Run Wild Around Graveyards25 min
11.Chains of a Warrior25 min
12.Iron Town25 min
13.`Tis An Honor!25 min
14.Odds or Evens25 min
15.I Can`t Remember a Damn Thing About the Factory Tour25 min
16.What Happens Twice Can Happen Thrice25 min
17.The Pincers of a Crab Can Snip Through a Friendship25 min
18.People Forget to Return Stuff All the Time Without Even Realizing It25 min
19.The Bathhouse, Where You`re Naked in Body and Soul25 min
20.Jugem25 min
21.The Name Reveals the Person25 min
22.The Man`s Household Situation is Hard, His Heart is Soft25 min
23.Blue and Red Ecstasy25 min
24.So in the Second Season of Prison Break, They`re Already Broken Out of Prison, But the Name Works Once You Realize That Society is a Prison25 min
25.Everybody Loves Pajamas25 min
26.Speaking of Crossovers, Don`t Forget About Alien vs. Predator25 min
27.Love is Neither Plus Nor Minus25 min
28.Making It Through Love25 min
29.It Would Take Too Much Effort to Make This Title Sound Like a Text Message Subject25 min
30.When You Go to a Funeral For the First Time, You`re Surprised by How Happy the People Are25 min
31.The People You Tend to Forget Tend to Show Up After You Forget Them25 min
32.Space Ururun Homestay25 min
33.Piggy Banks and Trash Cans25 min
34.Empty Planet25 min
35.Don`t Say Goodbye Lionel Will You Survive25 min
36.Please Take Me Skiing25 min
37.A Vacation in Disorientation25 min
38.You know those year-end parties where you keep drinking until you`ve forgotten everything that happened the past year? There are a few things you`re not supposed to forget25 min
39.People can Only Live by Forgetting the Bad25 min
40.We Are All Hosts, in Capital Letters25 min
41.Girls Like Vegeta, Guys Like Piccolo25 min
42.Draw Your Life on the Canvas We Call Manga25 min
43.Check It Out!!25 min
44.Thorny and Rosy25 min
45.Festival of Thornys25 min
46.Letter from Thorny25 min
47.Madaodog Madaonaire25 min
48.Presents Are Meant to Be Given Early25 min
49.New Year`s Envelopes Are Perfect for Dirty Jokes25 min
50.When Sleeping Under a Kotatsu, Make Sure You Don`t Burn Your Balls25 min
51.We`re Sorry25 min

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TV Série2006 - 2010Předchozí
Gintama` (2012)
TV Série2012 - 2013Pokračování

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