Keroro Gunsou

Keroro Gunsou
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Originální název: Keroro Gunsou
Název ve znacích: ケロロ軍曹
Název anglicky: Sgt. Frog
Rok vydání: 2004 - 2011
Vysíláno: 03.04.2004 - 04.04.2011
Typ zpracování: TV Série
Počet epizod: 358
Země původu: Japonsko
Studio: Sunrise
Rating: PG-13
Oblíbenost dle pohlaví:
muži / ženy
Čas trvání anime: 6 dnů 5 hodin 10 minut
Čas na epizodu: 0 hodin 25 minut
Počet zobrazení: 3497 x

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Pořadí Název epizody Doba
1.Meet the Sergeant!25 min
2.Bag of Secrets!25 min
3.Amphibian on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown!25 min
4.Blood Violence Death Kill!25 min
5.The Day the Gundam Cried!25 min
6.Ghost Kiss-perer!25 min
7.Apocalypse Later!25 min
8.Base: The Final Frontier!25 min
9.Desperately Seeking Brains!25 min
10.Sgt. Frog Versus the Cavitians of Cavity 9!25 min
11.Fake It `Til You Make It!25 min
12.Pop $tartled!25 min
13.Viper? I Hardly Knew Her!25 min
14.The Silence of the Plans!25 min
15.The Dark Momoka Saga!25 min
16.Twin at All Costs!25 min
17.Froggy Paddle!25 min
18.Wet Hot Beaches!25 min
19.Keroro Killed the Radio Star!25 min
20.20,000 Leaps Under the Sea!25 min
21.Some Like It Scorching and Miserable!25 min
22.Lose the Boss!25 min
23.The Clone Wars (The Unsucky Version)!25 min
24.Lost Action Hero!25 min
25.A Justified War!25 min
26.Let the Games Impend!25 min
27.Should I Spa or Should I Go Now?25 min
28.Das Snow Boot!25 min
29.Actor Schmactor!25 min
30.Extreme Makeover: Momoka Edition!25 min
31.Lost in Transportation!25 min
32.Animal Army Attack!25 min
33.The Episode We Wanted to Call Tiny Toons or Animaniacs, but Those Were Already Taken!25 min
34.Hot Spring Hilarity!25 min
35.The Birthday the Earth Stood Still!25 min
36.A Frog in Winter!25 min
37.Storefront Shinobi!25 min
38.One Potato, Two Potato, Sweet Potato, Amore!25 min
39.The Space Frog Who Stole Christmas!25 min
40.We Don`t Needs No Education!25 min
41.A Low Down Dirty Game25 min
42.War of the Worlds Cup25 min
43.Springtime for Hitters25 min
44.Domo Arigato, Aki Roboto25 min
45.V for Valentinedetta25 min
46.Ghost in the Cell25 min
47.Frogs and Dolls25 min
48.Lazy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down25 min
49.How to Succeed in Pekopon Conquering Without Really Trying.25 min
50.No More Mr. Nice Frogs25 min
51.Farewell to Arms, Legs, and Other Froggy Parts!25 min
52.Green Dwarf: Back to Earth!25 min
53.Cherry Blossoms of Terror!25 min
54.Dial M for Maybe I Can Solve This Murder!25 min
55.Armagarden!25 min
56.Hard to (Be a) Swallow!25 min
57.Viper Rash!25 min
58.My Snoballs Give Me Redbulls!25 min
59.The House That Trash Built!25 min
60.Honey, I Shrunk the Frogs!25 min
61.Very Superstitious, Writings on the Rock-Stone Thing!25 min
62.Take Another Little Piece of My Art Now Baby!25 min
63.It Had to Be Ew!25 min
64.I Won`t Cry with a Little Help from My Friends!25 min
65.ET: The Extra-Special Terrestrial25 min
66.Love in the Time of Color T.V.25 min
67.Friday Night Frights!25 min
68.House of 1000 Floors-es!25 min
69.Return to the Wet Hot Beaches!25 min
70.War and PC!25 min
71.The Backup Planet!25 min
72.Beetlemania!25 min
73.Flux Capacitor? I Hardly Flux Ca-Know It-Her!25 min
74.My Goodness, My Guinness Record!25 min
75.Me, Myself, and I`m Mean!25 min
76.To the Moon, Palace!25 min
77.The Red String Theory!25 min
78.Frogs of the Bermuda Triangle!25 min
79.Fuyuki, Do Not Give Up for the Sports Meet / Giroro, I Know what a Cat is25 min
80.Keroro, No~Leaving Home is Very Lonely25 min
81.Giroro, Red Days / Fight, Koyuki! Protect Your Beloved Ones25 min
82.I Don`t Have A Radio? / Keroro vs Natsumi 1/6 Gachinko Battle!25 min
83.Keroro, Hotspring Murder Case / Kururu, An Irritating Fellow25 min
84.Momoka, Lunch in Space / Keroro, Protect the Mushrooms!25 min
85.Keroro, Subsitution of Shirts / Natsumi Turns into a Magical Girl25 min
86.Natsumi & Fuyuki Stay with the Devilish Hyuga Family / Keroro Turns into Super Hero!25 min
87.Keroro, Best Wishes! Happy Birthday / Moa, Moa of Mysterious Country25 min
88.Dason Maso Pecopon Received!25 min
89.Giroro, The Man with Seven-Colored Faces / Fuyuki, Serve it On! Frog Meet25 min
90.Keroro, I Cannot Say Merry Christmas25 min
91.Keroro, the New Year, Birth of New Keroro / Koyuki, Granny is Coming25 min
92.Keroro Platoon, Love Transcends Space / Momoka vs Moa, Battle Clash25 min
93.Natsumi delves into the Secret Basement! / Hinata Aki, probably the Strongest Woman in Space25 min
94.Karara & Taruru receives Pecopon!25 min
95.Natsumi, Giruru Separates? Rescue Mission till Death25 min
96.More Peach Summer Snow - The Decisive Valentine Struggle / Keroro - An Extremely Sorrowful Tale25 min
97.Momoka - An Ultimate Enemy is a Difficult One to Read / Keroro & Fuyuki - Just Us Two...25 min
98.Momoka - The Grand Running Away From Home Strategy / Dororo & Koyuki - An Encounter to Remember25 min
99.Natsumi - Nacchi, the Good Dog / Keroro - A Keropper`s Naughtiness25 min
100.Keroro - Eh? Who... am I? Who... is Anyone?25 min
101.The Keroro Platoon - The Day Pekopon Stood Still!?25 min
102.The Keroro Platoon - Pekopon!! Impending Destruction of a Loved Planet!!25 min
103.The Keroro Platoon - The Sincerity That You Showed Me25 min
104.Keroro - Farewell, my Dear Keroro! / Keroro - Countdown to Ruin25 min
105.Keroro - The Monumental Depths of a Smile Sale! / Momoka - The Grand Cherry Blossom Viewing Love-Love Strategy!25 min
106.Fuyuki & Natsumi - Convenient Invaders / Giroro - A Time for Hobbies25 min
107.Natsumi - The Dreaded Health Inspection / Fuyuki & Natsumi - The Grand Sibling War!25 min
108.Tamama - Monopoly! A Time for Adults / Fuyuki & Momoka - The Island of Doctor Kururu25 min
109.Keroro - Lord Mama`s Grand Rejuvination / Dororo - Silently Running Wild on the Galaxy Express25 min
110.Keroro - Quite Possibly the Best Medicine Ever / Keroro - All Paths Lead to Star Fruits!25 min
111.Koyuki - A Shinobi Pajama Party / Natsumi - The Shocking Teacher`s Visit!25 min
112.Kururu & Saburou - The Artist`s Decisive Encounter!25 min
113.Keroro - Battling Our Wettol King / Natsumi - Returning Home to a Wettol King25 min
114.Giroro - My Way of Getting Revenge! / Keroro - Dasonu Maso Again and Again and Again?25 min
115.Keroro - Nyororo VS Mecha Nyororo / Keroro - Regarding the Disposal of the Nyobo25 min
116.Keroro - Aiming for that Shining Flow! / Mois - A Diary About Uncle25 min
117.Keroro - Wishes on Tanabata / Keroro - Revival! The Extraordinarily Talented Dopamine25 min
118.Ghost Girl - Let`s Go to School / Kururu - The Sergeant Major of Curry25 min
119.Giroro - How Grand! Summer Training Camp / Keroro - Capturing a Late Saturday Night`s Shine!25 min
120.Keroro - Doinaka Coast Returns / Momoka - One Summer Experience25 min
121.Dororo - The Lady Ninja Karara Makes Her Appearance!25 min
122.Kururu, The DVD of Curses / Natsumi, By All Means, What is This Prohibition!25 min
123.Visiting Grandma Hinata`s House / Tamama and the Turtle25 min
124.Keroro, That Treasured Summer25 min
125.Keroro, Morally Spinning Sushi! / Keroro, The Dreaded Mosquito25 min
126.Keroro & Natsumi, Which Way to Heroes?!25 min
127.Keroro - Secret Monday Vacation / Giroro - Typhoon Invasion Operation Commences!25 min
128.Keroro Finally Prays to God?25 min
129.Kiruru - The Messenger of Destruction25 min
130.Keroro Platoon All Members Reboot! / Garuru Platoon Everyone Fight!25 min
131.Giroro - A Secret Day Off / Baio - Conquer the Sports Festival25 min
132.Dororo - The Chance is Important! / Natsumi - My Bluebird25 min
133.Arisa - Hunter of Darkness, Halloween in Chaos!25 min
134.Keroro If You Catch a Cold, It`ll be Fixed in Post-production!? / Fuyuki & Kururu Go to Akihabara25 min
135.Karara & Chiroro Nagomi(753)-san / Keroro It`s Only One Grain Left25 min
136.Aki - War at the Onsen!/Keroro - Go! Keroropan25 min
137.Keroro It`s a Field Trip Until You Say I`m Home! / Keroro Sukiyaki of Love and Sorrow25 min
138.Keroro Keroro Show / Fuyuki & Chiruyo KGS Returns25 min
139.556 Central Tokyo is a Man`s Battlefield25 min
140.Keroro Platoon Super Battle Operation: Tax Return / Keroro A Certain Man`s Fight25 min
141.Keroro Central Tokyo`s Ice Age / Arisa Has Come25 min
142.Keroro, Give me back my New Year / Giroro, Let`s Get Working on the Pekopon Invasion!25 min
143.Keroro, Miracle?! Keroro`s Father / Hinata House, Submerge!25 min
144.Keroro, A Bold-Faced Fake Fairytale The Ear`s Conundrum25 min
145.Urere, the Salesman Invader / Keroro, And After All Even If Everybody Becomes...25 min
146.Remembered Darkness?25 min
147.Paul, A Deacon`s One Minute / Giroro, Rhythm and Pace?25 min
148.Koyuki, Historical Theme Wonderland / Keroro, The Mysterious Mouse of the Fantasy Wonderland!25 min
149.Alisa, Alien Versus Monster25 min
150.Giroro, An Established Time to Journey25 min
151.Chiruyo, Checking up on White Day / Fuyuki, I Know How to Use The Application25 min
152.Keroro, Frequent Appearance! Planet Andou`s Heaven25 min
153.Kerokero Military Operation, Number 10025 min
154.Keroro, Farewell Sergeant Keroro25 min
155.Keroro Platoon, Cut a Good Tune! / Keroro Platoon, Large Resonance!25 min
156.Keroro, Unite! Keroro Robo / Keroro, Invasion! Cherry Blossom Frontline Extreme!25 min
157.Pururu, A Chief Medic`s Safeguard! / Natsumi, Today`s Fortune Telling25 min
158.Keroro, Past Glories / Giroro, Prohibit those Memories!25 min
159.Keroro, Climax! Card Battle / Keroro, A Proposal to Dissolve the Platoon25 min
160.Momoka, The Strongest Mother`s Day25 min
161.Putata & Mekeke, Zealous Killers25 min
162.Chibi Kero, That Time Joriri25 min
163.Natsumi, Saburo, Is This Goodbye? / Fuyuki and Alisa, The Rain`s Monster25 min
164.Keroro, Nyororo Destruction? / Rabbi, Script of an Honorable Bride!25 min
165.Kururu, Temporary Leader / Koyuki, Training Hard as Usual25 min
166.Keroro, Smash! Wettol Robo / Keroro, Assault! Wettol Human25 min
167.556 Cup Noodles Recipes / Keroro, Capture! Crossword25 min
168.Keroro, The Big Plan for Period Restriction / Momoka, My Limited Tanabata25 min
169.Urere, The Reverend King of the Trains / Giroro, Beauty and the Liquid Keronian25 min
170.Fuyuki and Keroro, Inaccurately! The Seven Wonders / Pururu and Chiruyo, Secret Friends25 min
171.Tamama, Rebellion is a Regrettable Reason / Kururu, When is He a House-sitter?25 min
172.Arisa and Fuyuki, UMA Vs. Dangal!25 min
173.Keroro, Yamato and Kappa25 min
174.Keroro, Butchered Hair, and the Afro Ondo? / Dororo, Mysterious Mountain25 min
175.Keroro, Dive! Vinyl Swimming Pool / Fuyuki & Natsumi, A New Morning Has Come25 min
176.Chibi Kero, Farewell to Summer Vacation!25 min
177.Dokuku, Gas Keronian is No. 1 / Keroro, Pekopon`s Gunpla Man25 min
178.Momoka, Ghost: The Hinata Family`s Phantom25 min
179.Keroro, Running for Election! / Natsumi and Giroro, the Two Who Are Unable to Return25 min
180.Keroro, War Is a Big Scramble25 min
181.Mushishi, Search for the Insects! / Momoka, Three-Legged Race!25 min
182.Keroro, Buried Treasure Special / Tamama Vs. Tamama25 min
183.Garuru, A Repeat of Annoyance - Vacation25 min
184.Fuyuki, Occult Culture Festival / Natsumi, Romeo and Juliet?25 min
185.Robobo, Large Mechanized Operations / Tamama, Notebook25 min
186.Arisa vs Ghost, Aggression is the Lack of Progress25 min
187.Keroro, Thanksgiving is a way to work / Keroro, Fight! WakiRanger25 min
188.Nuii, Don`t Abandon Me!25 min
189.Dororo, Assassin From the Past25 min
190.Giroro, Target! Present! / Keroro, Big Birthday Party!25 min
191.Keroro, His Lullaby Legend / Keroro, Decisive Plastic Model Battle!25 min
192.Keroro, Christmas Prevent! / Keroro Platoon Cake is a Man`s Battlefield!25 min
193.Keroro, New Years` Shrine Visit without Honor or Humanity / Keroro, Sechira Versus Zonira25 min
194.Invasion Plan, Toilet! / Kururu and the Puppy25 min
195.Natsumi, I Said I Want to Go Skiing Too! / Keroro, Hot Spring, Tiring Tennis Match!25 min
196.Keroro Special Returns! Gero Gero 30 Minutes, 13 Stories25 min
197.Zeroro, Multiplying? / Keroro, I Want to Dig Holes!25 min
198.Chibi Kero, Little-Little Big Adventure! / Natsumi and Momoka, Obligation Chocolate Excluded!25 min
199.Kururu, Kururun Idol Legend / Keroro, Resetting My Mind!25 min
200.Keroro, Uru Has Come!25 min
201.Giroro, the Third of March is Ear Day? / Keroro, It`s Not A Woman`s Fight25 min
202.Keroro, Attack! The Last Worker25 min
203.Keroro, Shurara, Final Brawl!25 min
204.Robo Kogoro / Keroro and Natsumi, Shelter From The Rain25 min
205.Keroro and Fuyuki, Another World25 min
206.Keroro Platoon, Start the Color Operation! / Dororo, Do You Like Natto?25 min
207.Keroro, Build A Company! / Mother, Come With Cherry Blossoms25 min
208.Giroro, A Man`s Backup / Keroro, Mobile Profit Big Plan!25 min
209.Koyuki, I`ll Stop Being A Shinobi25 min
210.Natsumi, Disturbance After School / Aki, Children`s Day25 min
211.Musha Kero, Volume 1: Legendary Hero25 min
212.Keroro, Don`t Look At That! / Kogoro vs. Space Superintendant25 min
213.Momoka, Reclaim Tomorrow!25 min
214.Kururu, I Quit / Pururu, Nurse In Love25 min
215.Keroro, Eight Men of the Wettol King / Keroro, Gamma 3`s Big Wet Idea25 min
216.Keroro, Compressed Invasion? / Fuyuki, Legendary Things in The Hinata House25 min
217.Chibi Kero, The Forbidden Game / Keroro, Frightening Invaders25 min
218.Chibi Kero, When Your Ear is Stolen / Keroro, Caries War 225 min
219.Musha Kero, Volume 2: Outburst of Laughter, Crushing Comedian War!25 min
220.Keroro, What is Global Warming? / Sababa, Devil King of The Desert25 min
221.Momoka, Decision on Sunday / Giroro, Decision on Sunday25 min
222.Keroro, Fishing Rice Cookies on Rainy Days / Keroro, Memories and Fireworks25 min
223.Momoka, Unformed Girl Of An Isolated Island / Keroro, Frightening Red Shoes Mission25 min
224.Keroro, That`s Right, Celebrity Resort25 min
225.Tamama, Beautiful Dive! / Keroro, The Best Pekoponian Suit25 min
226.Fuyuki, From a Distant Ocean Came a Turtle25 min
227.Keroro and Natsumi, One Room25 min
228.Meruru, Postal Service! / Fuyuki, A Break in the Parking Area25 min
229.Keroro, Killer Fist of Words! / Saburo and Kululu, Silent Fight25 min
230.Momoka, Big Operation: Love Savings / Zeroro, I Finally Found Kikaka25 min
231.Musha Kero: Volume 3, Big Explosion, Close Call For Princess Momo25 min
232.Keroro, Board Robbing / Keroro, Heroes25 min
233.Aki, A Little Over Than Editor!25 min
234.Keroro, TV Projector Big Plan / Keroro, Invade By How-To Book25 min
235.Fuyuki and The Plesiosaur25 min
236.Keroro, Chewing Gum? / Tamama, Tamama Tango25 min
237.Musha Kero, Volume 4: Go West, Musha Kero Platoon25 min
238.Keroro, Attack! Hint Age Difference Ultra Hammer / Dororo, Big Change!25 min
239.Natsumi, Is it a Love Triangle? / Pururu, Big Marriage Meeting Plan!25 min
240.Kururu, Excellent Sergeant Major / Keroro, Morning of Legends25 min
241.Kogoro, Now I Can`t Tell You / Keroro, Cleaning Eternally!25 min
242.Keroro, Ceiling Walker / Keroro, Self-Consciousness Invasion25 min
243.Keroro, The Battlefield is a Merry Christmas25 min
244.Keroro, Graffiti Dweller / Keroro, Great Tumult Through Another Year25 min
245.Keroro, New Year Invasion Plans! / Kogoro, Scratched Helmet25 min
246.Giroro, Special Gargling Training! / Keroro, Kero-Eraser!25 min
247.Mois, Lipstick Slapstick / Keroro, Get Out! Keron Bar Field25 min
248.Keroro, Don`t Call Me Mama / Masayoshi Yoshiokadaira: That Delusion is Mine!25 min
249.Musha Kero, Volume 5: Keronian of the Hidden Fortress25 min
250.Musha Kero, Volume 6: The Revived Hero!25 min
251.Kogoro and Kobayashi!25 min
252.Keroro, Let`s Go to the Movies!25 min
253.Keroro, The Incredible Keroro / Keroro, Black-Phone Investigator 6625 min
254.Fuyuki, Trunks versus Briefs / Garuru, Obscured Feelings!?25 min
255.Keroro, Frightening Darkness Plan!/Keroro, Frightening Whiteness Plan / Keroro, Frightening Time-Stop Plan!25 min
256.Fuyuki and Natsumi, Keroro Invasion! / Keroro, That`s a Lie25 min
257.Keroro, First Encounter Revisited!25 min
258.Keroro, Negative Thinking of Terror / Keroro, Grilled Meat Without Dignity25 min
259.Koyuki, Cherry Blossom Trouble!25 min
260.Kero Zero, Keroro Platoon`s Departure Last Night / Kero Zero, Keroro Platoon`s First Mission25 min
261.Momoka, The Big Seat Change Plan / Kogoro, My Feelings!25 min
262.Bariri, Loving Chief Medic / Keroro, Looking Up In the Sky, Mother25 min
263.Keroro, Weevil That Grants Dreams / Keroro, Do Your Best, Trash Bag!25 min
264.Keroro, Eliminate the Space Digital Monster! / Keroro, Transform25 min
265.Giroro, Remote-Controlled Date / Keroro, Pu`s Doubts25 min
266.Tamama, That Wake-Up Kiss is Mine / Pururu, Revealed Secret?!25 min
267.Keroro, Big Air One Way or Another Operation / Keroro, Return to the Motel25 min
268.Kero Zero, Enter Pekoponian Mecha Designer Kiko Katoyama25 min
269.Momoka, Big Happy Digging Idea / Giroro, Escape From Natsumi!25 min
270.Chibi Kero vs. Chibi Fuyuki25 min
271.Tamama, It`s Hard Being an Upperclassman / Natsumi, We`re All Boys!25 min
272.Wettol King versus Kogoro / Three Weirdos, Smallest Showdown on Pekopon25 min
273.Keroro, Training is OK / Koyuki, Confrontation! Midsummer`s Shore25 min
274.Keroro Platoon, Keroro of Silence!25 min
275.Keroro, Keron-Style Golf / Keroro, Run Keroro25 min
276.Keroro, Assault Admiral! / Giroro, Still With This Chuck25 min
277.Kero Zero, Space Catering / Kero Zero, Formula for Eating25 min
278.Ghost Girl, Before-After / Giroro, the Red Fairy25 min
279.Alisa`s First Time as a Mama!?25 min
280.Keroro & Natsumi, Stamp Card May Be One`s Duty / Keroro, Sad Kerobot25 min
281.Keroro, Cicada Platoon / Keroro, Ribbit Day25 min
282.Momoka, Sudden Dance of Flames / Kero Zero, Front Fig not Unusual25 min
283.Keroro, 5 Shocked Keronians / Fuyuki, Planet of the Humans25 min
284.Dororo, Farewell Platoon25 min
285.Aki, Earth`s Front Line of Defense / Natsumi, Tension! Parent`s Day25 min
286.Keroro, Careless Saturated Operation! / Keroro, Invasion! Softglon of Terror25 min
287.Natsumi, Stop Those Hiccups / Kero Zero, Awaited Person of the Training Planet25 min
288.Keroro, Kappa Legend / Keroro, Welcome Back25 min
289.Giroro, Red Devil of the Battlefield / Keroro, is That Really a Lie?25 min
290.Poyon, Miracle Paul Operation! / Kero Zero, Snow is a Merciless Queen of the Night25 min
291.Alisa & Nevula, First Hot Spring / Keroro Platoon, Struggle! Torinoichi25 min
292.Natsumi, Secret of the Dresser / Keroro, You Were in my Dream25 min
293.Again Gero Gero 30 Minutes25 min
294.Yoshiokadaira, Bodyguard Elegy / Natsumi, Christmas Meeting Operation25 min
295.Keroro, The Two of Us Are One Kerororm / Keroro, Mysterious Ultimate Weapon25 min
296.Keroro, New Year`s Lucky Haste / Keroro, This Year Is Keron Year!25 min
297.Keroro, Just One Chance / Dangale Lands25 min
298.Mois, Goodbye Pekopon / Saburo, The Mysterious Boy25 min
299.Giroro, Take Down G-Force! / Giroro, G-Force`s Counterattack25 min
300.Onono, Illusionary Keron Soldier25 min
301.Tamama, Kicked Out Of The Nishizawa Family? / Momoka, Chocolate Cake of Love and Sadness25 min
302.Keroro, I`m A Director! / Keroro & Fuyuki, Small Adventure in a Big City25 min
303.Kero Zero, I am From Pekopon25 min
304.Keroro, Please Give Only That Back!25 min
305.Nobibi Came!25 min
306.Shugo Kero, Dokki Doki Party! / Dororo, Doro is Coming!25 min
307.Keroro & Fuyuki, Night of the Time Capsule25 min
308.Keroro, Nightmare on the Third Planet! / Sergeant Keroro of the Night25 min
309.Giroro, Pekopon Invasion Starts / Giroro & Natsumi, Operation Cell Phone Mail25 min
310.Tamama, Kingdom of Sweets / Momoka, I Appreciate Your Kindness25 min
311.Kururu, the Invasion Has Started / Keroro, a Good Kero Story!25 min
312.Dororo, Invasion is My Mission! / Koyuki`s Se-cre-t25 min
313.Keroro, Invasion Achievement in the Next Day / Aki, Becoming An Invader25 min
314.Keroro, Naked Invasion / Natsumi & Saburo, Launch Break of the Skies25 min
315.Keroro, Enjoyable Horticulture / Fuyuki, Shadow Stepping of the Other Days25 min
316.Momoka, I`m the Sergeant? / Keroro, Invasion Operation from Space25 min
317.Keroro, Viper Search! / Giroro, Soldier in the Closet25 min
318.Dororo, the Man of the Mask / Mois, Black Visitor25 min
319.Mois, Genius Hacker? / Kururu, Small Old Clock25 min
320.Natsumi: A Yearning Invader! / Pururu, June`s Bride?25 min
321.Keroro, Learning with the Old / Natsumi, Gentleness is a Sin...25 min
322.Giroro, Impossible Escape?! / Keroro, Impossible Rescue?!25 min
323.Keroro, Advent of the Space Chief of House-Sitting / Natsumi, Cameraman Training Battlefield!25 min
324.Natsumi, Presses It! / Keroro, Invader Level Check25 min
325.Keroro, Version Up Model / Keroro, the Make Up Used is the Self25 min
326.Chibi Kero, Fireworks from the Summer / Keroro, Swimsuit Beauties Contest!25 min
327.Keroro, Super Hero! / Keroro, Invasion in a Blink!25 min
328.Momoka, Becoming Normal / Paul`s Day Off25 min
329.Fuyuki Worried! / Natsumi, the Ocean Isn`t Large or Big25 min
330.556, Unluckiest Partner / Koyuki, First Curry25 min
331.Natsumi, One Week Without Anger / Keroro, Invasion is a Second Stomach?25 min
332.Fuyuki, Butterfly Person Appears? / Giroro, Uninvited Guest25 min
333.Momoka, Mood of the Starry Sky / Keroro, Little Hair of Luck25 min
334.Keroro, Clash, Star Circular Violence Tool Tournament / Keroro, My Super Decisive Plan!?25 min
335.Keroro, Leader Representative Robot Launches! / Keroro, the Moon is Luxurious25 min
336.Dororo, Ninja Approaching the Shadow / Natsumi, Exploration of the Construction of the Hinata Residence25 min
337.Keroro, Flowers for Algernainon / Giroro, Oh! Ferocious Ox25 min
338.Koyuki, Day of Halloween / Koyuki vs Alisa, Duel of the Ocean Depths25 min
339.Keroro, Red Light of Fear / Keroro, Invasion Plus Minus25 min
340.Aki, Real Ramen / Joriri, False Ramen25 min
341.Keroro, Restroom Survival / Keroro vs Giroro vs Tamama vs Dororo25 min
342.Keroro, Birth! New Final Technique! / Natsumi Going Through25 min
343.556, Space Sheriff / Lavie, Leave it to Me25 min
344.Pururu, Pekopon Love Tour / Alisa & Momoka, Women`s Battle25 min
345.Keroro VS Giroro, Duel in the Cold Rain / Keroro Platoon, Big Year-End Party25 min
346.Keroro, Rejected Operation Bouquet / Keroro, Dear Natsumi25 min
347.Keroro, Invader`s Aura / Dororon? Tamama-kun25 min
348.Fuyuki, Birth! Jerseyman Fuyuki / Keroro, the Great Throat Candies25 min
349.Keroro, Invading Daily Life / Keroro, Hooray For Reset25 min
350.Mois, Chronicle of Uncle`s Hard Battles / Aki vs Cat, Mixed Martial Arts Match25 min
351.This Time is Gero Gero 15 Minutes / Giroro, Show Me25 min
352.Nabebe, Yaminabe Magistrate / Natsumi, 623`s Identity25 min
353.Spirit-chan, I`ll Rest in Peace / Giroro, Even After Dreaming Time25 min
354.Keroro, Visitor from the Future / 623, Tragedy of the Radio Star25 min
355.Ouka Resigns / Keroro Must Survive25 min
356.Keroro Platoon, Real Dragon Warriors / Mois, That One Other Person`s Spring25 min
357.Hinata Family, Haru Returns25 min
358.Keroro, The world`s Sgt. Keroros / Keroro, Keron Army Style Excursion Great Opening!25 min
Special 1.Chibi Kero: Secret of the Kero Ball!?17 min
Special 2.Warrior Kero: Debut! Planet Sengoku Ran Big Battle!!14 min
Special 3.Kero 0: Depart! Assembly of Everyone!!16 min

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Anime Zpracování Rok Vztah
Arcade Gamer Fubuki
OVA2002 - 2003Postavy (výskyt stejných postav)
Shichinin no Nana
(Seven of Seven)
TV Série2002Postavy (výskyt stejných postav)

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