Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live

Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live
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Originální název: Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live
Název ve znacích: プリティーリズムレインボーライブ
Rok vydání: 2013 - 2014
Vysíláno: 06.04.2013 - 29.03.2014
Typ zpracování: TV Série
Počet epizod: 51
Země původu: Japonsko
Studio: Dongwoo Animation, Tatsunoko Production
Rating: G
Oblíbenost dle pohlaví:
muži / ženy
Čas trvání anime: 21 hodin 15 minut
Čas na epizodu: 0 hodin 25 minut
Počet zobrazení: 3504 x

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Pořadí Název epizody Doba
1.I`m Naru! I`ll Become the Manager!25 min
2.Leave It to An! Poppin` Sweets!25 min
3.Aiming for Cross? Cool & Hot25 min
4.Welcome to the Prism Stone Easter!25 min
5.My Song Is Colorful Dream Bird25 min
6.The Cool Heart Beats with Heat!25 min
7.Sweet Magic for a Sour Dad25 min
8.The Boys` Contest Is a Dance Battle25 min
9.Prism Live Is a Storm after Sunshine25 min
10.A Mysterious Creature Appears at Prism Stone25 min
11.Go for Dreaming Session!25 min
12.Fly with Feathers of Courage!25 min
13.The Bridge Between Hearts25 min
14.Rinne`s Secret25 min
15.Otoha`s Fairytale Tea Party25 min
16.Wakana`s Happy Freedom! Meow25 min
17.Nobel and Strong, Bell Blooms25 min
18.I`m Hiro! Absolute Idol, Love-N-G25 min
19.The String That Ties Hearts25 min
20.Our Hearts Together at the Heartbeat Session!25 min
21.The Second Audition25 min
22.The Promise and the Special Sandwich25 min
23.The Prism Wind of Memories25 min
24.The Lonely Queen25 min
25.Goodbye, Bell25 min
26.The Happy Rain Calls the Rainbow25 min
27.Teacher Peacock Is Angry!25 min
28.Prism Talk with June-sama!25 min
29.I`m Bell! I Will Be the Manager.25 min
30.The Crossroad of the Vow25 min
31.The Hero Awakens! Freedom!!25 min
32.June Spreads Her Wings for Love25 min
33.Triangle Date25 min
34.If You`re Happy, Join Hands!25 min
35.Shuffling Duos and This Just Ain`t Working!25 min
36.The Delicious Sleepover!?25 min
37.The Sad Lucky Star25 min
38.The Happy Bell on the Holy Night25 min
39.Steamy! The Legend of the Rainbow Kappa25 min
40.Double Confession? I Love You Senpai!25 min
41.Bonds Made by Stars25 min
42.Naru`s Pinch! Lovelyn`s Disappearance25 min
43.The Angel`s Determination25 min
44.You Are the Saviors of the Rainbow!25 min
45.The Rose Revolution25 min
46.Raising the Curtain on Over the Rainbow Session25 min
47.The Lucky Star Shining with Love25 min
48.Like Me, Like a Human25 min
49.Until This Life Burns Out...25 min
50.The Sparkle Is Right Next to You25 min
51.Gift25 min

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