Kodomo no Omocha

Kodomo no Omocha
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Originální název: Kodomo no Omocha
Název ve znacích: こどものおもちゃ
Název anglicky: Kodocha
Rok vydání: 1996 - 1998
Vysíláno: 05.04.1996
Typ zpracování: TV Série
Počet epizod: 102
Země původu: Japonsko
Studio: Studio Gallop
Oblíbenost dle pohlaví:
muži / ženy
Čas trvání anime: 1 den 18 hodin 30 minut
Čas na epizodu: 0 hodin 25 minut
Počet zobrazení: 513 x
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Pořadí Název epizody Doba
1.I`m an Elementary School Student with an Agent25 min
2.The Whole Classroom Is a Monkey Mountain25 min
3.Operation Eyeball, Toothball25 min
4.Lone Wolf, Awooo!25 min
5.Where Are You Going, Mr. Dark and Gloomy?25 min
6.Crazy Stew Family Crisis25 min
7.Asako Kurumi? Rival in Love!25 min
8.A Fruit Juice Soaked First Kiss25 min
9.Double Double Sana`s Love Trouble25 min
10.Love Flew Out the Window Like a Chicken!25 min
11.Mr. Hayama, You`re a Real Dad25 min
12.This Time, Sana Is the Lone Wolf25 min
13.My Name`s Going to Change25 min
14.The Promised Summer, Part 125 min
15.The Promised Summer, Part 225 min
16.Two Pounding Hearts25 min
17.Mother`s Book of Surprises25 min
18.Two Hungry People Playing Hide and Seek25 min
19.Daughter Cries, Mother Cries25 min
20.Sana`s Super Happy Quiz Show25 min
21.Look Out! It`s a Pint-Sized Akito!25 min
22.Karate Heart, Quiting Blues25 min
23.Sunny, with Occasional Disappearing25 min
24.Math Mess25 min
25.A Bandage for a Broken Heart25 min
26.Every Chicken Has Its Day25 min
27.Pity Me and Cough Up Some Dough25 min
28.The Romantic Love Song of Mr. Hayama25 min
29.Here She Comes, Mama`s Mama25 min
30.Rei and the Jolly Green-Eyed Monster25 min
31.A Snake Came Slithering in Muddy Shoes25 min
32.Daddy, You`re Busted!25 min
33.Love Tastes Like Curry25 min
34.Three, Two, One: Sing!25 min
35.There`s a Reason for the Gift25 min
36.Take Me to Kusatsu!25 min
37.Karate and Trumpet Compete for a Kiss25 min
38.The Special Christmas Kiss25 min
39.100 Haya-Moths / Ooga Booga Boo25 min
40.Suddenly One Day, I`m Homeless Sana!25 min
41.He Got Me Blacklisted!25 min
42.The Deadline`s Here!25 min
43.Age Difference, Schmage Difference25 min
44.Gomi, Gomi, Where Are You Going?25 min
45.Bittersweet Valentine`s Day25 min
46.Am I Wrong?25 min
47.Under the Same Roof with You25 min
48.Father, You Were My Father25 min
49.The Final Scene25 min
50.Through the Tears, Spring Comes25 min
51.Goodbye Yesterday, Hello Tomorrow25 min
52.I Met My Best Friend in the Bathroom25 min
53.The First Kiss Ruined My Life.25 min
54.Sana-chan who cannot love completely!25 min
55.Actress goes to the mountains to shoot a movie.25 min
56.Really! Really! Sincerely really!25 min
57.Pretend to be a boyfriend for sushi...25 min
58.There is love in the mountains...With you!!!25 min
59.Working Hard Recovering From an Injury25 min
60.Love Awakened After Loss25 min
61.I`m Not the One Who Gets Turned Down and Cries.25 min
62.The Continuous Flames of This Summer25 min
63.Don`t Believe in Rumors25 min
64.Somewhere there lies the truth.25 min
65.The two of them finally bid goodbye25 min
66.Run Away, Run Away, Across the Ocean.25 min
67.Suspense in New York25 min
68.Experiencing the mysteries of life.25 min
69.Is there a goddess of love now? You also have emerald eyes.25 min
70.Suspense at lunchtime25 min
71.It Was A Suddenly Appearing Mother25 min
72.I know too much! My secret!25 min
73.Stupid Mother & Daughter in America25 min
74.Mother`s conspiracy.25 min
75.Daughter, where in Manhattan are you?25 min
76.Should we go back? Will we go back?25 min
77.Papa, this is all your fault!25 min
78.The first and last Mother-Son battle25 min
79.A Father Who is Unable to be a Father25 min
80.To sing again, three, two, one25 min
81.Hello, Good Bye, My Love.25 min
82.We Got Along Great Afterwards.25 min
83.Perhaps they are all best couples.25 min
84.The Manager Danger25 min
85.Dialogue that cannot be spoken.25 min
86.All is clear when you cannot see25 min
87.Everything suddenly came to a halt!25 min
88.So This Kind Of Day Has Come!25 min
89.Hallelujah on Christmas Eve? My Heart...25 min
90.Mecha Hayama is Hayama`s Mama25 min
91.Fan comes to visit first thing in the New Year25 min
92.A Simple Math Video25 min
93.Same Name Appears!25 min
94.Child`s Toy Rises from the Dead25 min
95.Back to Normal.25 min
96.Adult love -- that could wait!25 min
97.The happy-lending-money scheme.25 min
98.When My Elder Sister is in Love!25 min
99.Karate Club Is A Good Place - Come For A Bit25 min
100.The Blackboard Erasers Disappeared25 min
101.Three Disappeared Together25 min
102.Kodocha To Be Continued, Come Hell or High Water!25 min

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