Furusato Saisei Nippon no Mukashibanashi

Furusato Saisei Nippon no Mukashibanashi
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Originální název: Furusato Saisei Nippon no Mukashibanashi
Název ve znacích: ふるさと再生 日本の昔ばなし
Název anglicky: Folktales from Japan
Rok vydání: 2012
Vysíláno: 01.04.2012
Typ zpracování: TV Série
Počet epizod: 154
Studio: Tomason
Oblíbenost dle pohlaví:
muži / ženy
Čas trvání anime: 2 dny 16 hodin 10 minut
Čas na epizodu: 0 hodin 25 minut
Počet zobrazení: 122 x
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Pořadí Název epizody Doba
1.The Old Man Who Made the Dead Trees Blossom / The Man Who Bought Dreams / The Rat Sutra25 min
2.Little One Inch / The Rolling Rice Ball / The Cow`s Marriage25 min
3.The Old Man and His Bump / The Transforming Hood / The Love Potion25 min
4.Strong Tarou / The Village of the Nightingales / Hirabayashi25 min
5.Urashima Tarou / The Monkey Buddha / Comparing Treasures25 min
6.Kintarou / The Two Squid / The Three Cry25 min
7.The Fish Wife / The Rich Pond Snail / The Lying Girl25 min
8.The Carpenter and Oniroku / The Bear and the Fox / The Priest and the Child Cross the River25 min
9.Shippei-Tarou / The Son Who Went Up to Heaven / Who`s the Laziest?25 min
10.Sannen-Netarou / The Last Lie / Happy, Splendid, Wonderful!25 min
11.The Wife Who Wouldn`t Eat / The Snot-Nosed Boy / The Priest and the Boy Who Had to Pee!25 min
12.The Furuya Forest / The Traveler`s Horse / A Crow in the Dark of Night25 min
13.The Teapot Raccoon Dog / The Razor Fox / Sosou Soukurou25 min
14.Orihime and Hikoboshi / The Old Woman`s Skin / Potato Rolling25 min
15.The Fire Man / Rat Sumo / The Priest and the Kid`s Pupupatapata25 min
16.The Straw Headman / The God of the Bathroom / Niou and Dokkoi25 min
17.The Winged Robe of Heaven / The Child Kidnapped by Eagles / The Konnyaku Interrogation25 min
18.The Painted Wife / Left Behind / If You Pick Up Money25 min
19.Ubasute Mountain / The Letterbearer of the Water God / The Lucky Samurai25 min
20.Princess Kaguya / The Demon`s Little Sister / Scary Sweet Buns25 min
21.Umisachihiko and Yamasachihiko / The Day the Kappa Came / King Enma Screws Up25 min
22.Three Axes / The Monkey`s Groom / The Tengu and the Thief25 min
23.The Farting Wife / The Cat and the Teapot Lid / Chakurikakifu25 min
24.Mouse Takes a Groom / The Pebble Letter / The Silence Contest25 min
25.The Listening Hood / The Dog and Cat`s Treasure / The Ghost`s Poem Reading25 min
26.Tanokyuu / Tee-tee the Little Monk / The Fake Jizo Statue25 min
27.Orihime and Hikoboshi / The Village of the Nightingales / The Monkey Buddha25 min
28.The Tengu`s Cloak / Grannie Demon Is My Matchmaker / King Enma Is Hachigoro-don25 min
29.The Horse Mountain Woman / The Shrimp Goes to Ise / What Sickness?25 min
30.The Cat Wife / The Gonzo Bug / The Long-Nose Fan25 min
31.The Mountain Pear Hunter / The Old Woman in the House / The Centipede Gets the Doctor25 min
32.The Rich Charcoal Maker / The Tree That Grows Gold / The Priest`s Towel25 min
33.Straw Bale Touta / The Fox Gives Birth / Cling and Hold25 min
34.The Three Brothers / The Wolf`s Eyebrows / Dokkoisho25 min
35.The Treasure Gourd / The White Rabbit of Inaba / The Bald Wife25 min
36.The Crane Repays a Debt / Slaying the Demon of Ooeyama / The Water of Youth25 min
37.The Three Charms / The Kid and the Cat Picture / The God of Poverty25 min
38.The City Rat and the Country Rat / Oshira-sama / The Tortoise and the Hare25 min
39.The Jizo Statue with the Hat / The Mortar That Made Salt / A Guest on New Year`s Eve25 min
40.Momotaro / Princess Flowerpot Head / The Story of the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac25 min
41.We Stopped the War / The Giant Snake and the Hunter / Otter`s House25 min
42.The Snake Boy / The Kappa and the Straw Shoes / The Fava Bean, Straw, & Charcoal25 min
43.The Wind God and the Children / The Lacquer Brothers / The Ama no Jyaku and the Child25 min
44.Blessings of Heaven and Earth / The Leaf Hachibei / The Ginger Wife25 min
45.The Bridge Where You Buy Miso / The Cat Congregation / The Old Man Who Swallowed Birds25 min
46.The Hiding Snow / The Three Riddles / The Deep Voice25 min
47.The Farting Priest / The Demon Mask That Wept / Starfire25 min
48.The Seven Swans / The Mysterious Love Poem / `O` Is Hard25 min
49.The Cry That Split the Night / Octopuses Don`t Have Bones / The Former Dog25 min
50.The Thousand League Sandals / The Mountain Priest & the White Wolf / The Days Pass So Fast25 min
51.Yamata no Orochi / The Satori Woman and the Bucket Maker / Return the Smell25 min
52.The Rich Charcoal Maker / Grannie Demon Is My Matchmaker / What Sickness?25 min
53.Mother`s Crystal / The Rolling Rice Ball / The Golden Arches25 min
54.Bat / The Old Man and His Bump / Lunch Works25 min
55.Snake and Fox Repay a Debt / The Old Man Who Made the Dead Trees Blossom / The Pheasant and the Crow25 min
56.Tears Overflow / Strong Tarou / The Skylark and the Water of Youth25 min
57.Mom and Daughter Slay a Demon / Kintarou / The Farting Girl25 min
58.The Radish Samurai / The Furuya Forest / The Golden Horse Poop25 min
59.When the Moon`s Ring Disappears / The Rat Sutra / A Punch As a Reward25 min
60.The Mermaid`s Feast / The Fox and the Bear / The Beginning of Man25 min
61.The Red Thread / The Cow`s Marriage / Beyond the Mirror25 min
62.The Carp Wife / The Snot-Nosed Boy / The Giant Beanstalk25 min
63.The Monkey Repays a Debt / Little One Inch / The Gourd Boy25 min
64.The Female Fox / Hirabayashi / The Wild Warrior and the Ox Cart25 min
65.The Dragonfly Rich Man / The Fish Wife / Ikkyuu-san`s Funny Story25 min
66.Monkey Masamune / The Days Pass So Fast / The Woodcutter & the Mountain Grannie25 min
67.Minister Yuriwaka / The Fire Man / The Priest and the Boy and the Poisonous Mochi25 min
68.The Talking Fish / Urashima Tarou / The Demon`s Handprint25 min
69.The Swallow with the Broken Leg / Left Behind / The Legend of the Nine-Headed Dragon25 min
70.Filial Devotion in Dreams / Rat Sumo / A Story of Stolen Melons25 min
71.The Tree in the Pot / Princess Kaguya / The Monk and the Fox25 min
72.Earless Houichi / Niou and Dokkoi / Badger Disaster25 min
73.A Story of Futons / Chakurikakifu / The Dancing Bones25 min
74.Dandarabochi and the Giant Sandals / The Painted Wife / The Fox in the Bag25 min
75.The Puppet Master / The God of the Bathroom / The Whale and the Sea Cucumber25 min
76.Unspeaking Okiku / Ubasute Mountain / The Sumo Wrestler`s Little Sister25 min
77.Monkey Crab / The Straw Headman / Head Lake25 min
78.The Mermaid`s Feast / Mom and Daughter Slay a Demon / The Pheasant and the Crow25 min
79.The Little Chestnut / The Day the Kappa Came / The Oryuu Willow25 min
80.The Silver Temple / The Pebble Letter / The Famous Blade Kisenbamaru25 min
81.The Sparrow with the Severed Tongue / The Horse Mountain Woman / The Dance of the Cats25 min
82.The Ear Statue / The Centipede Gets the Doctor / Benten`s Swamp25 min
83.The Village of the Dragonflies / The White Rabbit of Inaba / The Fortune Telling Competition25 min
84.The Three Masks / The Tengu`s Cloak / The Flying Door25 min
85.The Old Woman and the Giant Octopus / Dokkoisho / The Tengu of Ashitaka Mountain25 min
86.The Mysterious Blacksmith / The Fox Gives Birth / Senkamejo25 min
87.The Cracking Mountain / The Three Charms / The Kappa and the Handwashing Basin25 min
88.The Ghost Well / The Man Who Bought Dreams / Tougorou the Potato Digger25 min
89.Sacrificial Inari / The Crane Repays a Debt / The Monster in the Cotton Hat25 min
90.The Joroku Statue / The God of Poverty / The Carp in the Basin25 min
91.The Gold Horse of New Year`s Eve / The Jizo Statue with the Hat / Odote-sama25 min
92.The Safflower Ship / Twelve Signs of the Zodiac / Sent Salt25 min
93.The Deer Springs / Tail Fishing / Hachiroutarou25 min
94.Herring and Grannie / The Wind God and the Children / Will of the Spider25 min
95.Snake Lake / The Deep Voice / The Priest, the Kid, and the Fava Bean Tree25 min
96.Sumo Inari / The Fava Bean, Straw, and Charcoal / The Man of the East & the Man of the West25 min
97.The Stink Vine / Shippei-Tarou / Half-Naked Buhyou25 min
98.The Wispering Vinegar / The Old Man Who Swallowed Birds / The Tengu and the Sky Journey25 min
99.The Snow Woman / Oshira-sama / The 600-Year-Old Woman25 min
100.Cowlove Pass / Momotarou / Seibei the Soba Eater25 min
101.The Demon Who Became a Rock / Octopuses Don`t Have Bones / Ryuuguu Abyss25 min
102.Raita and the Demon / `O` Is Hard / The Burnt Statue25 min
103.Gonpachi and Tsubaki / The Thousand League Sandals / Mother and Child Hill25 min
104.The Ear Statue / The Kappa and the Handwashing Basin / The Little Chestnut25 min
105.The Mountain Grannie of Mt. Choufuku / Sadaroku and Shiro / Zashiki-Warashi25 min
106.Render the Fat / The Star Wife / The Rich Kashiki25 min
107.The Phoenix / The Wood Buddha and the Gold Buddha / Shibahama25 min
108.The Monk and the Turtle / Kijimuna / The Stingy Memorial25 min
109.The Sending Star / The Promise with the Master of the River / Gonbei the Duck Hunter25 min
110.Takohachi the Headman / The Rich Man and Bracken / The Wife`s Talent25 min
111.Eating in Order / The Old Woman Who Became a God / Yayoi`s Ship25 min
112.Masakichi and the Jizo Statue / The Bee and the Bandit / The God of Death25 min
113.The Sun and the Golden Rope / The Kid and the 31 Characters / Ushiwakamaru25 min
114.The Trout Repays a Debt / The Foreigner`s Cowbones / The Six Warriors25 min
115.Matsu Goes to Ise / The Zatou`s Tree / The Powerful Servant25 min
116.The Weasel and the Rat / Kotaro and the Dragon / The Thunder God and the Girl25 min
117.The Treasure Swamp / Tatsukohime / Kurohime and the Dragon25 min
118.The Carried Priest / The Man Who Knew Hell / The Ghost Ladle25 min
119.The Bride on a Hazy Moonlit Night / Hitomokko Mountain / The Flying Shed25 min
120.Ikkyuu-san Defeats the Tiger / The Mountain God and the Child / Tsurumizuka25 min
121.The Mole and the Sun / The Fox Repays a Debt / Drinking Tea25 min
122.Dragon God Granny / You Can`t Shake Sleeves You Don`t Have / The Raccoon Wood Of Shoujou Temple25 min
123.The Buddha That Keeps Away Fire / The Curse of the Willow / The House That Would Not Eat Salmon25 min
124.The Soul That Was Hunted by the Dead / Octopus Bhaisajyaguru / The Nursing Willow25 min
125.The Bean and the Priest Statue / The Reed Spring / Swan Pass25 min
126.Asamutsu Bridge / The Strong Wife / The Flower-Watching Ghost25 min
127.The Priest Statue Falls in Love / The Flat Nose of the Trickster Fox / A Room with an Owl25 min
128.The Cat`s Teacup / Monogusatarou / The Monkey and the Toad25 min
129.The Kannon Statue of Love / The Box That Doesn`t Open / Candle Confusion25 min
130.The Old Man Who Made Flowers Bloom / The Thousand Coin Orange / Paradise Thief25 min
131.The Crane Repays a Debt / Tower of Boars / Lightning and the Stone Urn25 min
132.The Extending Head / Strong Tarou / Kijimuna and the Sea God25 min
133.Nopperabou / Princess Kaguya / Sutokuin25 min
134.Soba and Mochi / Crab Questions and Answers / The Old Man and His Bumps25 min
135.Kintarou / The Cat of Nekodake / A Bull Running on a Moonlit Night25 min
136.The Straw Rich Man / The Bow and Arrow Brothers / The Shrine Priestess` Dance25 min
137.The Woodcutter and the Monster Crab / The Monster Tamer / Rolling Rice Balls25 min
138.The Raccoon`s Spinning Wheel / The Two Moons / Ubasute Mountain25 min
139.The Blessing the Rat Brought / Urashima Tarou / The Kajika Folding Screen25 min
140.Little One Inch / The Wolf Rock / The Meguro Pike25 min
141.Zenroku the Sawyer / The Feather Robe of Heaven / The Hermit Orange25 min
142.The Gods of Poverty Play Sumo / Trip, Trip / The Hat Jizou Statue25 min
143.The Teapot Raccoon Dog / The Anbarayami Horse / The Stone Door of Heaven25 min
144.Wakahime of Ryuuguu / The Salt Millstone / The Escaped Sparrow25 min
145.The Two Virtues / A Trip to Udo / The Monkey Priest Statue25 min
146.Momotarou / The Mountain Bird`s Arrow / The Thunder God That Married the Soba Stand Owner25 min
147.Ofuku and the Oni / The Oni`s Toshitori / The Priest and the Raccoon25 min
148.The Golden Egg / The Man Who Became a Turtle / Sannennetarou25 min
149.The Horsefly Repays a Debt / The Thunder God and the Doctor / The Painted Wife25 min
150.The Water Seed / The Blessing Rat / The Hermit Who Did Nothing25 min
151.The Weight Fox / The Most Important Man in the World / The Hina`s Yobayashi25 min
152.The Mountain Grannie & the Traveling Performer. / Sentoku`s Money / The Stonefish`s Love25 min
153.Episode 15325 min
154.Episode 15425 min

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