Kirarin Revolution

Kirarin Revolution
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Originální název: Kirarin Revolution
Název ve znacích: きらりん☆レボリューション
Rok vydání: 2006 - 2009
Vysíláno: 07.04.2006 - 27.03.2009
Typ zpracování: TV Série
Předloha: Manga
Počet epizod: 153
Studio: SynergySP
Oblíbenost dle pohlaví:
muži / ženy
Čas trvání anime: 2 dny 15 hodin 45 minut
Čas na epizodu: 0 hodin 25 minut
Počet zobrazení: 316 x
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Pořadí Název epizody Doba
1.Kirarin! Idol Revolution!!25 min
2.Heart Pounding! Ships Audition!!25 min
3.Aaah! Aim for a Commercial Debut!!25 min
4.Shock! Papa is Against It!?25 min
5.That Can`t Be! The First Job!!25 min
6.So Tired! Idol Training!!25 min
7.Boee! Challenge to a Song!!25 min
8.Oh No! Live at First Stage!!25 min
9.Surprise! Illusionist Arashi!!25 min
10.Exciting! Transfer to Idol School!!25 min
11.Oh God! I`m the Heroine!?25 min
12.Oh No! Drama Date!!25 min
13.Smack! Fantastic Kiss!?25 min
14.Maybe Love! Maybe Ships? Maybe Confrontation!?25 min
15.Is it Love? Enter the Music Charts?25 min
16.All Right! The Troubling Audition!!25 min
17.Heartbeat! The Swimming Conference of Only Idols!!25 min
18.Kirari... Summer Vacation Together With Sayaka and Miku25 min
19.Creepy! The Charge Report of Fear!!25 min
20.Na! My Brother Who Returned!!25 min
21.Meow! Idol Battle Against the Super Fubuki!!25 min
22.Shock! Kiss With Whom in the Wedding!?25 min
23.Stitch Stitch!? Secret Dress and Brother Hiro!25 min
24.Ding! Love Song Echoing by the Sea...25 min
25.Heart Pounding! Announce25 min
26.Decision! Hot Idol Winner: Na! Mya! Ya!25 min
27.Shoe Cream! Super Fast Talk Explosive Laughter!!25 min
28.Na Na Na! Na-san Revolution!!25 min
29.Panic! Idols` Big Battle Against Tests!!25 min
30.Click! The Big Scoop at the School Festival!?25 min
31.Ah! Love`s Stray in New York!?25 min
32.Meow~! Tina and Kirari`s Revolution25 min
33.Tearing Eye! Actress` Soul of the Ocean!!25 min
34.Hiro-kun! Grandma`s Cat Road of Love!?25 min
35.Fire! Chief Kirari VS Phantom X!!25 min
36.Naa Miya~ Wanii! No. 1 Pet Competition!!25 min
37.Kasumi. Cinderella of the spring wind.25 min
38.Confession!? The birthday of SHIPS!!25 min
39.Gorgeous! Top Idol Singing Competition!!25 min
40.So Long Naa-san!? See You AgaiNAA!!25 min
41.Aoi! Kirari! Special Stage with Old Ladies25 min
42.Pink! Transform into EatRanger!25 min
43.Crab! Arashi`s Aqua-Illusion!!25 min
44.IQ! Kirari`s Quiz Showdown with a Genius!!25 min
45.It`s a Miracle! Naa-san Circus!!25 min
46.Kame-saan! Will SHIPS Disband!?25 min
47.Makeover! Here I Come, Erina, the Student Gang Leader!!25 min
48.Kirari and Akane!? A Splendid Showdown!!25 min
49.Catch! Perform a Galaxy Dance Splendidly!?25 min
50.National Live Tour! Burning Love in the Snow!?25 min
51.Shine! The Diamond Idol Queen!!25 min
52.Play Ball!! Kirari Starts the Game - Season-Opening Ceremony!25 min
53.Hello? Welcome to Kirarin Cafe25 min
54.Myuu? Naa in Love!? Kirari Duels!!25 min
55.Unbelievable! Mushroom in Manga Training!?25 min
56.Kiss! Hiroto and Izumi `Declaration of Lover!?25 min
57.Yoka! A Tearful Scoop at a Triangle Battle!?25 min
58.Clouds of Steam! Mission : Guard Hiroto!!25 min
59.Wow!? Yukata Girl`s Miracle!25 min
60.To Outer Space! The End of the World`s Sparkle.25 min
61.Revolution! Girl and Kirari`s Flower Clock!25 min
62.Sparkle! A Crazed New Idol!25 min
63.Strain! Kirari and Hikaru`s First Performance!!25 min
64.Smash! A Victory Pair-Huu?25 min
65.KiraPika in a Pinch!? They are NS!!25 min
66.Shoot! I Wish Fan Letters Would Touch Her Heart!!25 min
67.Audition! Our Rival is SUPERNOVA!!25 min
68.Horror! Specter-Buster is at Work!25 min
69.Hii!! Comedy Competition. Why!?25 min
70.Kirarin Cologne! I Might be Happy?25 min
71.Summer! Swimsuit! All-star Cast25 min
72.Check! Kirari and Hikaru Coordinate Clothes?25 min
73.Quaver! Lost Double Crescent!?25 min
74.Musical? Outburst! Lose Weight!!25 min
75.Twinke! Hikaru? On Stage!25 min
76.Dark Entrapment that Tears KIRAPIKA Apart!?25 min
77.Forever KiraPika Last Concert25 min
78.SHIPS vs GEPS Dance Battle25 min
79.SHIPS Disbands!? Good-bye Hiroto25 min
80.Uh-huh!? Mushroom Ambassador and HAPPY MISTAKE!!25 min
81.SOS! Naa-san Robot is Magnum-force!!25 min
82.SEIJI? Secretly Pursues Solo Work!!25 min
83.Flying, Pot Eating!25 min
84.Confess your Heart! Erina Falls in Love!25 min
85.Crane and Tortoise! Kirari and Seiji Get Married Suddenly!?25 min
86.Black Ambition! Blackwood Starts Up25 min
87.Black Revolution! Crisis in the Muranishi Company25 min
88.Black Moon?! The Mysterious Maiden Debuts!25 min
89.Tea Group Kirari saw it! The Black Secret!25 min
90.Black! Kirari on Stage Gathering25 min
91.Kirari`s First Date Collection25 min
92.SHAKIN! KIRARI x charismatic beautician25 min
93.Aoi idol graduation25 min
94.Jump around! Kirari on Ice!!25 min
95.24 Hours Secret Idol Documentary!25 min
96.Kirari Princess, Virtual Game, Great Aventure, Nano Rest25 min
97.Hollywood! Actress Luna Visit Japan!!25 min
98.That`s not fair, is it? Lucas Berg Audition25 min
99.KIRARI and HANIKAMIDETO + Luna!!25 min
100.Start filming! Miracle meet. Naomi and Sakurako25 min
101.Mom! Crank up the tears25 min
102.Kirari Good-bye Concert25 min
103.Yay! Big Search for the Second Kirari!!25 min
104.Noel Sama! Kirari`s Scouting Blitz!25 min
105.Hate Hate?? Strange Girl KoBeNi25 min
106.Tambourines! Three stars shine25 min
107.Milky Way Bridalshow25 min
108.Mii-Kun and Mii-Chan: The Journey of Love and Youth25 min
109.Fight! Producing Happy Star!25 min
110.Acting as a Mini-Kirari!25 min
111.Worries? Melancholy of Kodeni-chan25 min
112.Friend SHIPS, Hiroto and Seiji!25 min
113.Three Stars! Let`s Raise Noel`s Fashion Sense!25 min
114.Bravo! The First Concert!25 min
115.Reach Everyone! This Wish Upon a Star25 min
116.Episode 11625 min
117.Episode 11725 min
118.Episode 11825 min
119.Episode 11925 min
120.Episode 12025 min
121.Episode 12125 min
122.Episode 12225 min
123.Episode 12325 min
124.Episode 12425 min
125.Episode 12525 min
126.Episode 12625 min
127.Episode 12725 min
128.Episode 12825 min
129.Episode 12925 min
130.Episode 13025 min
131.Episode 13125 min
132.Episode 13225 min
133.Episode 13325 min
134.Episode 13425 min
135.Episode 13525 min
136.Episode 13625 min
137.Episode 13725 min
138.Episode 13825 min
139.Episode 13925 min
140.Episode 14025 min
141.Episode 14125 min
142.Episode 14225 min
143.Episode 14325 min
144.Episode 14425 min
145.Episode 14525 min
146.Episode 14625 min
147.Episode 14725 min
148.Episode 14825 min
149.Episode 14925 min
150.Episode 15025 min
151.Episode 15125 min
152.Episode 15225 min
153.Episode 15325 min

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