Konjiki no Gash Bell!!

Konjiki no Gash Bell!!
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Originální název: Konjiki no Gash Bell!!
Název ve znacích: 金色のガッシュベル!!
Název anglicky: Zatch Bell!
Rok vydání: 2003 - 2006
Vysíláno: 06.04.2003 - 26.03.2006
Typ zpracování: TV Série
Počet epizod: 150
Studio: Toei Animation
Rating: PG-13
Oblíbenost dle pohlaví:
muži / ženy
Čas trvání anime: 2 dny 14 hodin 30 minut
Čas na epizodu: 0 hodin 25 minut
Počet zobrazení: 687 x
Studio:Fuji TV

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Pořadí Název epizody Doba
1.The Lightning Boy From Another World25 min
2.A Freezing Spell25 min
3.The Second Spell25 min
4.The Great Mamodo Battle25 min
5.The Dark Mamodo25 min
6.The Mystery of the Missing Red Book25 min
7.Botanical Madness25 min
8.A Kind Mamodo, Kolulu25 min
9.The Third Spell25 min
10.The Elite Mamodo25 min
11.The Invincible Folgore25 min
12.Sherry`s Rhapsody of Life25 min
13.The Rematch: Zatch and Hyde Meet Again25 min
14.The Tomboy and the Popstar25 min
15.A New Pledge Between Zatch and Tia25 min
16.The Invulnerable Robnos25 min
17.Kiyo`s Curry Camping Trip25 min
18.London Calling25 min
19.The Dark Lord of the Cursed Castle25 min
20.The Flowers of Evil25 min
21.Another Zatch25 min
22.The Dancing Mamodo25 min
23.Go For It, Ponygon!25 min
24.Apollo, the Free Traveler25 min
25.Apollo, the Free Traveler: Part Two25 min
26.A Day with Zatch25 min
27.Danny Boy25 min
28.Tia and Megumi`s Excellent Adventure25 min
29.The Amusement Park Battle25 min
30.Zatch and Tia: A Fierce Combination25 min
31.The Cute Transfer Student25 min
32.Shion`s Secret25 min
33.The Joining of the Three25 min
34.Sunset Soaked in Tears25 min
35.The Final Mirror Battle25 min
36.Collision: Zatch vs. Naomi25 min
37.Battle in Hong Kong25 min
38.Battle in Hong Kong: Part Two25 min
39.The Invisible Hunter25 min
40.Big Brother Kanchome25 min
41.Invincible Kanchome25 min
42.Coldhearted Foes25 min
43.Praying Mantis Joe: Hero of Justice25 min
44.Invitation to a Duel25 min
45.Zatch vs. Bari25 min
46.Ponygon`s Close Call25 min
47.Rumble in the Snow25 min
48.The Mystery of the Stone Tablets25 min
49.Dr. Riddles and the Majestic Twelve25 min
50.The Sixth Spell25 min
51.The Masked Mamodo25 min
52.My Beloved Zatch25 min
53.So Giaku! The Water Dragon of Rage!25 min
54.Battle in the Park: Zatch vs. Kiyo!?25 min
55.Penny`s Revenge! Assassins on the Loose!25 min
56.Light of Hope, Saifogeo25 min
57.Battle on the Sands: Brago vs. The Silent Rulers25 min
58.Defeat Milordo-Z! Each Person`s Resolve!25 min
59.Breaking into Deboro`s Ruins! Kanchome`s Battle!!25 min
60.The Labyrinth`s Angry Torrent25 min
61.The Tragic Curse of a Thousand Years25 min
62.Impact of the V! Very Melon!25 min
63.Burrah! Victoream`s Anger!25 min
64.The Fierce Attack of Dalmos! The Battle on Top of the Sand!25 min
65.Ponygon`s Lightning Speed!25 min
66.The Red Spell Book of Promise!25 min
67.The Wonderful Majestic Twelve Return25 min
68.Tia`s Plan to Confess!25 min
69.Zofis` Evil Desires25 min
70.The Four Supreme Mamodo25 min
71.The Roar of Rao Diboren!25 min
72.Sing for Your Lives! The Terrible Belgim E. O.25 min
73.Dr. Riddles, You`ll Always Be My King25 min
74.Pamoon, the Celestial Warrior25 min
75.Free Yourself from a Thousand Years of Pain!25 min
76.No Escape! The Wicked Zofis Returns!25 min
77.The Return of Sherry and Brago25 min
78.I Won`t Go Back! Laila`s Dark Solitude25 min
79.The Wriggling Fiend, The Final of the Four Heavenly Kings Appears25 min
80.The Monster Demoruto! The Hair-Raising Roar25 min
81.Seeking the Light to Victory... The Surging Two`s Fighting Spirit25 min
82.Selfish Penny, Suou Giakuru of Parting Regrets!25 min
83.Reach, Burning Feelings! The Seventh Spell, Zaguruzemu!25 min
84.Evil Beast Demoruto, Final Deciding Battle!25 min
85.Perplexed Sherry, The Bond That Cannot be Severed25 min
86.Zofis` Counterattack, Friendship`s Last Battle!25 min
87.Thoughts to Reach Koko! Sherry`s Full Strength Dioga Gurabidon!25 min
88.Sherry, Brago, A New Departure25 min
89.New Year Special, The Magnificent V Appears Again!25 min
90.I am Back...And Then a Tempest Test Battle25 min
91.Follow Naomi!25 min
92.My Dear Kid, Dr. Riddles` New Vow25 min
93.The Voice from the Strange World! The Fate of the Demons!25 min
94.The Door of the Strange World! Strongest Duel, Zatch vs. Brago25 min
95.Exile in the Strange World! Attack from the Army!25 min
96.The Duel in the Strange World, When Brago`s Without Sherry25 min
97.The Leader of the Strange World, Vengeance of the Fanged Maestro25 min
98.The Duel in the Strange World, Zatch and Brago`s Two Great Mysterious Explosions25 min
99.The Love and Youth of Mr. Mommon, Kiyo`s Disastrous Defeat25 min
100.Grope It, Folgore! The Bagpipe of Love and Sorrow25 min
101.A New Threat, The Boy Who Talks of the Wind, Baou Eradication!25 min
102.Moonlit Night`s Disturbance! Fist of Friendship! Earth`s One-hit Certain Kill!25 min
103.Ted`s Blues, The Girl in the Wind, Fate`s Reunion25 min
104.Her Rival is an Idol, A Spark of Love, Suzy`s Victory??25 min
105.Q Attack! Q Ultimate Transformation? My Name is Coral Q25 min
106.Pinch Arrival, Q Counterattack! All the Spells Forceout!?25 min
107.Lightning Chain! Final Evolution!? Baou Renewal!25 min
108.Homesick!? Hana and Mother. Wanderlust Gash25 min
109.Duel in the Northern Country Fated Rival Umagon Frozen!!25 min
110.Karudio`s Fierce Attack! Fighters Who Burn Up the Snow Field. Umagon`s New Flame25 min
111.Dance! Laugh! Shake! The Great Airport25 min
112.Spin! Spin! Fall! Fall! Explosive Iceskate!!25 min
113.Letter From a Friend, Burn my Book! Rein`s True Face25 min
114.Cowardly Kairu, Bearded Papipurio, Rodeaux`s Trap25 min
115.Rodeux`s Fierce Attack. Dying Rein. Awaken, Kyle25 min
116.The Strongest Spell, Explode! Garubadosu Aborodio, Rein`s Dream25 min
117.Passionate Kung Fu, Tragic Wonrei, A Love Song`s Final Chapter25 min
118.Kidnapped Gash! Trap over the Sea, Sinking Dartagnan25 min
119.Tio`s Spirit, The One and Only Partner, When Wounds Heal25 min
120.It Was Seen? Oyoyo~, Prospering Monmon, Tio`s Gigantic Explosion!25 min
121.Awaken, Jealousy. The Angered Goddess. Chaajiru Saifodon25 min
122.Legend of Kaguya, Gash`s Summer Festival, Girl Who Returned to the Moon25 min
123.Roar of Pride, Bari vs. Ted, Which Will Disappear?25 min
124.Premonition of Separation, Suzume`s Confession, Hiking of Love and Youth25 min
125.Heartless Riou. The Cursed Demons. Now, to Faudo25 min
126.Journey from Which You Cannot Return, Wavering Determination, Faudo`s True Form!25 min
127.Arrival at Faudo, Desperate Assault, Assassins That Awaited25 min
128.Kiees and Buzarai`s Symphony of Death; Farewell, Kanchome!25 min
129.The Miraculous New Spell Dima Buruk, I Am Not a Coward!25 min
130.Buzarai`s Fierce Attack, Dioga vs. Baou, Chain to Come from Behind25 min
131.The King`s Resolution, Friends? Or the World? Zatch`s Decision25 min
132.The Trial Inside the Stomach, Pass the Difficult Problem, Tin Tin Chance25 min
133.Cold-headed Zaruchimu, The Truth of the Curse, Stand Up! Arishie25 min
134.Fighting for Whom? Wonlei and Alishie, Decision of Suffering25 min
135.Faudo: Deadly Zone, The Demon That Beats the Heart, Momon`s Tears25 min
136.Faudo`s Revival Draws Near, Return Device Activated, Rivals Stand in the Way25 min
137.The Curse`s Time Limit. Crush the Seal! Reach, Gash`s Feelings25 min
138.Demonic Giant Soldier, Faudo. Light in the Middle of Despair. Kiyomaro`s Secret Plan25 min
139.Aim for the Brain! Roaring Faudo, Desperate Reentry25 min
140.Those Which Won`t Become King, Do or Die Wonlei, Final Fist25 min
141.Burning Umagon, Freezing Karudio, Run to Victory!!25 min
142.Sealed Room, Alishie`s Fight, Destiny Once More!25 min
143.Burn Up Life, Warrior Alishie, The Conclusion!? Zaruchimu25 min
144.We Are Kings, Kanchome and Momon, Defeat Keys!25 min
145.Screams That Won`t Reach, Ted vs. Cherish, More Important Things Than King25 min
146.Faudo`s Protectors, From Earth to Gash, Entrusted Future25 min
147.Inverted Future, Thunder Emperor Zeon, Overture to Ruin25 min
148.Zeon`s Raging Waves, Two Fates, Gash`s Secret25 min
149.He Who Inherits Baou, Gash vs. Zeon, Jigadirasu`s Lightning25 min
150.Deciding Battle! Faudo, the Golden Glow, Kind King25 min
Special 1.00F: The Man With the Golden Tits20 min

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